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Daniela Owergoor

I am a passionate digital artist – for hobby most of time – that sometimes has the luck of being hired to do book cover art. My favorite styles to play with are: fantasy, dark fantasy, dark, surreal and emotional. I started in 2005 but only in 2010 I decided to take it seriously when I got my first book cover commission. Until that I was insecure of my progress, but then, I started to invest much more time studying and practicing. I’m not a master yet, but now I am more confident on what path to follow.

I do art because I love it. It’s fun and addictive, so you can imagine the joy of being able to do what you love and, sometimes, getting paid for it! Nevertheless I see myself mainly as a “hobby digital artist” rather than a book cover designer, because my love and passion for doing art for love without profit comes before anything else. And about the business part, it’s like Confucius said: “Choose a job you like, and you will not have to work one day in your life”.

Many things like fantasy books/movies, horror tales/movies and especially great art from great artists! Sometimes I spend hours browsing places like ArtStation and DeviantArt just to get inspired. But my main inspiration comes from other artists. When I see what they do and what kind of majestic artworks exist, I feel an itching in my hands, my mind starts to build my own ideas and I have to run to put them “on paper”!

To be a better artist day after day, to overcome myself in every new piece and to be sure that I can delight people’s eyes with my work. I don’t consider myself an ambitious person, some people say that this is bad but I am sooooo happy this way, having time for my own projects and at the same time working for indie authors. I understand that there are some people who want to be more happy, but for real, I am happy the way I am now. Of course my main goal is to be better with what I do, but first to myself and then to deliver better work for my clients.

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