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David Talley

I’m a fine art photographer.

My goal is to capture the emotions and stories of heartache, love, mystery, and adventure – all things which were present in my life at the time I started photography, and which continue to be present to this day. That’s not to say I’m a murder-case detective or that I’m constantly ailing over the unrequited love of another, but I find these themes to be important in daily life and the overall life of myself and of everyone whom I’ve connected with. Each theme creates a backdrop for a wonderful story, and I love to convey these stories – especially when they intersect directly with my own life, and even more so when they can connect to others and show them an entirely new world different from our own, or can show that our world isn’t so bad, and that they aren’t alone in any problems they might be facing.

On a conceptual and story-telling end, I’m influenced directly by current emotions and events in my life – you could guess that just “living” is a huge part of my work – but just “living” doesn’t say much about me. I make each day the best I can, I constantly strive to better myself, and I am always looking for new opportunities for connection and adventure with others.

I started making conceptual photographs after I’d found the work of Alex Stoddard and Brooke Shaden, two people who have now become friends of mine (how awesome is that?!) I am also continually influenced by Tim Walker and his fine-art approach to fashion, Jerry Uelsmann and his surreal compositions, and Sam Spratt, a digital painter who I look up to not only in technical expertise and awesomeness-of-concept-and-image, but also in how he chooses to live his life as a person and artist.

I don’t want to be rich, or even necessarily famous. My goal is to be happy, spread my work around the world, and USE my work to meet new people and travel the world, having incredible adventures and making life-long connections and friendships, fueled by revenue gained from my art.

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