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George RedHawk

I am a .gif animation artist. Using the art, photography, sculptures, paintings of other, very prominent and well know artists, i take the static images and transform them into a motion art piece. As the art world began to take notice of my art work, many of the artists, who’s work I animate, have also taken notice and have offered their support, encouragement, and have embraced my work and offer other pieces in collaboration with them. Many of these artists, i now call my friends. My journey into the world of art has been amazing, but the best part is all the incredible people I have met along the way!

Twelve years ago I began a journey into blindness which rapidly lead to a declaration of being legally blind. With the use of visual aides and computer softwares that aide the visually impaired, I began to explore the realm of photo manipulation with a desire to show the world as I see it from my damaged sight.
My animation work is designed to challenge, and in some cases, disturb the visual senses of “order”, much in the same way that my own vision has become a constant challenge to me. It is not an exact duplication of what I see, but rather an artistic expression of the confusion I experience on a daily basis with my visual impairment.

There are so many artists that I feel myself drawn to and inspired to create my motion art, that listing them would be very difficult. There are, literally, hundreds of artists who’s work inspires me, and many more I have yet to discover!
But if I were to mention a few, I would have to include the work of Antonio Mora. His particular style of double exposure art has a true place in my heart as this is truly representative of my visual impairment and the misinformation being transfered to my brain from my damaged vision. Also, I would include digital artists, such as Gregoire A. Meyer, and Adam Martinakis who’s work inspire me so much that i think i have animated nearly every art piece the have created! I also am very drawn to the Painting of Tomasz Alen Kopera. His work has the feel of futuristic, and yet ancient at the same time. Each of his pieces feel as though a story should accompany them… and so your mind creates its own story as they draw you in.

I never set out to be an “artist”. As a matter of fact, the term “artist” hasn’t quite been accepted by me yet. I prefer to view myself as just a guy who likes to play with other people’s art. I have never tried to promote myself nor my art work. It was something I started to do on social media out of a personal desire to express myself and as a way to pass time while my wife is at work, ha ha ha, it just kinda grew from there and as time passed, the world began to take notice.
I have hope that .gif art will continue its path and be further recognized as an art form and hope that in the near future, technology will advance to include digital picture frames with support for .gif animation art so that one day, my motion art can be seen hanging in galleries throughout the world and in people’s homes! This would be awesome!

All texts, images, songs, videos and designs are copyright of their respective creators.
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