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Joscha Malburg / KimOhNo

I am currently working as a freelance motion designer in Berlin. After Effects is my main tool, but I am currently learning Cinema 4D and try to transition the fundamentals of animation into the 3D realm, supported with the crispy new GPU renderer.

During my 12 years of post production work I dipped into lots of other art forms like digital painting or cinematography. So why I am neither great in any of these, it opened up my horizon and I came to feel the interconnection between different art forms and their corresponding art principles.

Now I try to bring my knowledge of cinematography regarding, framing, lenses and colours into my work as much as possible, trying to settle on a more minimalist style.

Art has always been a big part of my life in the form of art school, films, stop motion and graphic design. I enjoy other peoples art and the artists stories. Sometimes I tend to have a dark outlook on the world as it is, with its suffering and catastrophes and I find it incredibly when people are out to do art, besides their personal struggle or tragedies.

Also interesting are the new possibilities to grow a business about doing art, with selling it online, create community places and being able to collaborate with talented people all over the world. When doing art you also grow more alert to the beauty in everyday life like interior design.

I am mostly influenced by doers, meaning people that get their work out, deliberately and disciplined. I also like people that found their niche and go hard at it, since I am struggling on focusing myself.

Personally I have a weird obsession with perfection and mastery, since I often fall victim to the imposter syndrome and I try to have as much knowledge as possible about my craft.

My goal is to build a unique style and voice. But more important is to have some kind of positive impact in on the world or at least giving back to the community. Working at a big studio like Pixar has always been a dream as well at I am currently working on an application film for film school and finding ways to collaborate with more people to build something that could not be done alone.

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