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Lorcan O’Shanahan

Professioanlly, I consider myself a Motion Designer, however you could say im a Visual Designer, why so general? Well because when I’m not working in C4D and AE I’m designing webpages, Album artwork, Editing photo’s and doing just about anything I feel like giving a shot at in the moment.

Why do I do what I do. Well, some might say they do this sort of work to make people happy, to make things easier and better for others to understand, etc. But I think deep down we’re a little more selfish than that and there is a concealed ego we are trying to feed. Don’t get me wrong, seeing people look at your work and understand/enjoy it is probably one of the best feelings in the world for any artist.

The internet is a big drive for me. How immensely vague right? Well yes, that’s just it.

You can be as vague or specific as you want, there is no where to stop and say, “well thats all there is of that, guess ill have to look at something else now”. When something turns you on (artistically speaking) there is no limit to how deep the rabbit hole will go.

Simple things done well, and done with a purpose, goal, or idea in mind really get me off. Motion graphics recently exploded into the masses, with people like the GreyScaleGorilla and thousands more all over the web teaching millions of novis “designers” about programs like C4D and Ps. This saturated market has ended up in a weird place in my eyes. A place with little meaning, no point, and no goal. Simply nice shit to look at. Being a young artist however means one must explore the limits of their tools and what turns them on as an artist, however when you ask them “how did you do that?” and they cant tell you because the simply dont know what buttons they pressed, mission failed.

Honestly, I have no idea. Im 20 years old, Im good(ish) at what I set my mind to, and Im always looking to improve. In fact, when I get asked this question in job interviews, one of my answers is always “to keep learning”. But thats not actually a goal since us artists never stop learning. FACT.

I don’t think having any specific goals in life is a major priority, if you feel as if you should have one and that your wasting your life as a result, just think, am I happy? Am I enjoying life right now? If you answered in affirmative, then nothing needs to change. Keep calm and carry on.

If I had to say however, to continue to travel, see new things, and experience more of what life has to offer. Ive been around the world almost and seen a lot for someone my age (something I thank my family for), I think its probably the single most important thing for any human being to work towards in order to become a more understanding and considerate being. So yea, to experience more is my goal.

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