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Martin Stranka

Honestly I think I do not name my photography style. I could say it is something like illustrative and conceptual, emotive and minimalist. Well, I could describe my “art world” like a space where I deny the laws of physics and erase the border between conciseness and dreaming. The world, where impossible becomes evident, and the perception of reality is shifted to its next level. I perceive photography as an unique space located in a balance and serenity. My work exists in that narrow space of few seconds between dreaming and awaking.

Well, I would say that photography discovered me. I have never studied photography. I have to say that I lost one of the closest person in my life (R.I.P) 6 years ago and I felt like I had to express my self somehow. I felt like I needed to find something like a “valve”. So I started taking photos and somehow it works. At the beginning I took it as someting like a therapy which became my passion. So it is quite weird and strange saying that this accident inspired me, but this is only the way how I was involved into photography.

It was the accident it happened to me, it is daily usual moments that stop me and make me think and makes my especially happy, it is a smell of autumn that makes me so peaceful. The music is huge inspiration too. I can’t imagine creating my photos without music like Lisa Gerrard, Olafur Arnalds, Asaf Avidan, Antony and the Johnsons or Sigur Rós for example. They are never ending stimulus.

I feel how much daily usual moments become my inspiration. Somethig like dust grains floating in the light of sunset – wow, thats something what I could stare at forever. Or the smell of the autumn – those short 3-4 weeks when the nature is prepapring for sleep, all those leaves falling from the trees, this is it. I know it could sound quite silly and childish, but I love these daily moments.

I have created my own way, my own style during my way to being professional photographer. It took 5 years. It was worth it. I had over 60 exhibitions around the world, I won over 40 international photography awards, I am still only 28 year old, but I do not know what will be tomorrow. Honestly? Only being happy. Thats my one and only plan for the future.

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