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Michele Durazzi / d_Arkroom

Professionally I belong to the category of designer / graphic designer – although it is a generic definition. I studied Architecture and worked for a few years in that field to the point of looking for new opportunities in the field of advertising, much more multi-faceted and that does not exclude architecture but which often includes organic 3D modeling and animation. This is an additional incentive to improve my multidisciplinary skills.
This interview is accompanied by only one project, on the Utopic Architecture, but, if you want, it’s possible to find my other works on my Behance portfolio at

I have taken this path because it mainly gives me a way to express creativity and due to inability to find satisfaction in the employee’s role. . it was the only choice to save my soul :) This is how this adventure began; it is not simple and nothing will give the guarantee for your survival and goals but, in general, hard work always pays off.
What always motivated me is this incredible world, the world of creativity, where you can meet people with great skills, talent and sensibilities. I have never felt envy but only admiration, implicit encouragement to explore new art forms.
Anyone who has something to say intimately deep and personal I believe has the right and the duty to do so. Whether through poetry, music, painting or motion design, it doesn’t matter.

My influences are many, many unconscious, and I could draw up an endless list.
To give some examples, among the classics, I love the paintings of Giorgio De Chirico, Surrealism, J.L Borges, Ryuici Sakamoto, experimental music, Renaissance art, minimalist architecture and rationalism, the sculpture of Michelangelo and Bernini,..
Then there are dozens of talents around the web that blow my mind, both in technique and poetic depth. Although light years away from my style, I know they influence it.

I have different goals but all depend on improving my skills. So, as a main goal, I believe that never ceasing to improve oneself is the best way to make everything else happen.

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