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Constantin Paschou / The French Monkey

As far as i’m concerned, I’m a photographer, specialized in portraiture and skin retouching. At least that’s what I was doing during 2010-2015, I’ve worked a lot with model agencies, magazines, e-shop commerce, nightclubs and all the various activities photographers have to do to get paid and survive!
The problem is, I live in Greece, and it’s been very painful to grow as an artist, almost impossible! I always worked hard to make it as a photographer, but due to the crisis, financial insecurities of this country and personal issues, I just stopped and got into design and 3D modeling, staying alone in my bedroom.

I’ve now become more of a 3D generalist, my work is mostly doing research and development around workflows, setups and optimizations inside of Cinema 4D. I started doing daily designs 2 years ago to learn more about this craft, and I’ve also been releasing all my personal research, files and assets to the public. I am glad to have created the biggest Open Source archive of C4D project files online.

At least, that’s the only thing I can brag about, since I never went to university or studied anything.

I struggled a lot growing up, dark background, lots of problems and personal issues. I also had to change country, from France I went to Greece, had to learn the language and adapt. I’ve spend most of my years alone, not knowing what I should do or who I should look up to!

My main concern in life has always been to try and find a meaning in all of this, but most of all, in what I can leave behind as an artist.

By giving out all my personal research to the public, I’ve been able to create a better bridge between knowledge and creativity for the young artists. Giving the chance to anyone wanting to get into this art, a better starting point, a modern starting point. That’s pretty much my motto and what gets me going.

Believe it or not, my main influences are entrepreneurs, people building and growing businesses out of nothing. I’m influenced by the people making something worth for their communities, the ones giving out knowledge and leaving a path that can be followed by the younger generations.

I’m not interested in perfecting my craft as an artist, I know i will get into a lot of things as I go. I’m more into being part of a movement that is worth following.
And for now, that’s just by creating what I wish I had when I first started!

I may be only considered a visual artist for now, but I want to lead a life reflecting goodness, I want to make things the right way, and show that with a lot of work and dedication, you can in fact live comfortably doing exactly whatever you choose to do. Being an inspiration by sharing my way of thinking and presenting ideas, and most of all, continuing sharing what I learn with the community and people following me.

That’s a pretty good goal.
I’m still at my beginnings of course, the good stuff are coming!
I just need to keep on rendering.

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