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Tim Borgmann

I’m a Vfx/3d designer/artist living and working in Germany. I had the luck to work for a wide range of projects during the last 25 years. From illustration to vfx and motion design, from commercials to movie projects. Thanks to the internet I’m able to work for clients all around the world today. During the years I started to work on personal art projects to explore new workflows and visual concepts.

Difficult to say, I always was addicted by visual things. If it was paintings or movies, interesting images or even parts of them always grab my attention. I started with classic and rather abstract painting with acryl and oil, studied communication design and finally landed in the world of (at this time) rather new process of computer graphics. I was absolutely fascinated by creating images with ‘realistic’ lights and surfaces completely virtual. After a few years of getting used to 3d and it’s overall process by doing mainly illustrations and visualisations I began to do abstract images again as a balance to the commercial work. When I saw interesting things on the screen while working on something else I started to use them for my own creations, focusing on purely abstract shapes. Around 2003/2004 I started with my first abstract images series. So, why am I doing it? I think to be honest, I simply love it to create images and animations.

There are so many different influences that it’s hard to list them. I admire a lot of artist from old painters over to actual digital designers. Due to the internet you have nearly unlimited optical resources and sometimes it rather feels like an overkill. If I get this feeling I start to focus on more usual optical effects and elements which are around you, like caustics from a transparent surface, an interesting shadow on a wall, some dust in the air or a structure on the ground. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back to not get lost in the unlimited online resources.

To become a better skilled artist and to find new workflows and concepts to realise my ideas. I’m always on the search for new and interesting image worlds and an important part is the process of making images and animations itself. Also experiments and r&d are an important part of my work. So to stay curious and open minded to explore new techniques and concepts to enhance my visual work is for sure one of my main goals.

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